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Make your wishes known.

Have you written a Will yet?

It’s a sad fact that many of us never get around to making a Will.

Writing a Will seems like a daunting task which few of us want to consider and you should not have to face it on your own. 

By meeting with a Professional Will Writer, you will be offered all the help and time you need to ensure all your wishes on your death are simply and accurately recorded.

You don’t want to leave your loved ones behind with the additional stress of sorting out your estate and other matters during a difficult time.

"Marylyn was very helpful when my son and I wrote our Wills. I particularly liked that it was a home visit and Marylyn then delivered the completed Wills in a timeous fashion."
- Ellen Galloway, Dunfermline

What happens if you don't leave a Will?

  • Your estate will be distributed under the intestacy law in Scotland, and the family and loved ones you expect to benefit may not while other distant relatives might
  • Greater administration process, extra expense and longer time taken to settle your estate
  • Family estrangement can happen as a result if some members feel that they are not getting a fair share of your estate

Writing a Will does not have to be costly or complicated and it ensures that your loved ones are not forgotten.

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